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qwik video on demand technology

What is Qwik VOD

On Demand Entertainment… Unlimited and Uninterrupted

Qwik Entertainment is an independent video on demand value added service provider and compliments Live TV service providers.

Qwik Technology is a new revolutionary Video on Demand (VOD) platform which enables seamless streaming of HD content on the existing RF cable network.

Qwik VOD Features

  • Full control video on demand on playback including Start, Pause, Forward etc
  • Over 5000 hours of rich content. Visit VOD library
  • Highly intuitive, responsive and User friendly VOD User Interface
  • Watch your favorite movie releases instantly on high definition
  • HD Streaming with no buffering and no pixelation
  • No internet bandwidth required

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From the founders of India’s Largest Network Digital Cinema Chain

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How Qwik Video on Demand works

Moviebeam Set Top Box (STB) VOD Technology

Qwik Entertainment uses Moviebeam Set Top Box (STB) VOD technology which has been recognized and certified by major Hollywood studios. This Video on Demand technology today brings in-room entertainment to thousands of hotel rooms in the US and receives HD content in the hospitality window from major Hollywood studios.

  • Qwik Entertainment STB is the only Digital High Definition & 3D Box which works across different last mile delivery platforms.
  • Qwik Entertainment STB has advanced real-time remote management capabilities providing complete control for enabling and disabling services and content playback entitlements to subscribers.

Qwik Video On Demand MediaBoost Technology

Qwik Entertainment uses the proprietary MediaBoost technology, developed specifically for the Indian market, to deliver a rich and consistent video on demand experience to subscribers through the existing co-axial cable network infrastructure.

MediaBoost delivers encoded and encrypted VOD content streams over the conventional co-axial cable to the device at the consumer’s home. Content is stored securely on servers at the head-end and streams using proprietary MediaBoost Media Servers that dynamically manage bandwidth allocation to every subscriber and ensure a buffer free and seamless video on demand consumer experience.

Qwik Video On Demand MediaBoost Technology

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Happy Subscribers

“Now I can watch any TV show OR movie at my time. My show at my time.”
Sonia D
“I can enjoy classic BBC TV shows and Hollywood movies subscribing to Qwik service. No need to browse multiple website.”
Nikhil L.

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